section 1 – Videos of prayers

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This is one of the most important section of the page. The uploaded videos of prayers appear here. We going to ask everybody to record a video, upload it and share to everybody. We have to find the way for uploading, for filling a data page (country, city, religion, etc.)

So we going to build a database. If you push the watch prayers button it going to show prayers without gap. The playing order (sequence) is the date of upload from the newest to the oldest one. In the right down corner is the UPLOAD button, we need a new page ofr the uploading procedure.justalittlesect1b

section 2 – Prayer hunter – vlog

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Videoblog. The big screen is the latest video, the small ones are the previous one, the weekly (every week we going to have a bigger project (for example the dailies are normal people in tibet, the main is meeting Dalai Lama)) one, the most viewed one. The “news” button drive us to a new page which collect the articles, interviews, etc. The Forum is very important, so we have to have a forum page as well (no detailed conception in my mind yet)



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The most important is the video uploading part, the second is the praying boxes, the third is the vlog of prayer hunter.

The style would be colourfull, but not frolicsome, happy, but conservative enough,…:)

the page map:


  • Main page

The prayer

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  • Prayers around the World

What should i do?

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About us

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Praying hunter

  • The project
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